Ollie and Sadie

Woof! I’m Sadie, a Seeing Eye Dog from Vision Australia. I might not be a writer, but I have a tail-wagging tale to share with you!

When you buy a Lucky Puppy Lottery ticket, you’re not just hoping for a win; you’re unlocking a world of possibility for someone like my best friend, Ollie. Before we met, Ollie’s world was challenging, but together, we’re chasing dreams – he’s even pursuing a career in sports physiotherapy!

Every ticket sold furthers our training and care, ensuring more stories like ours come to life. It’s not just about mobility; it’s about companionship, confidence, and a newfound independence that changes lives.

Can you imagine the impact your support can have? Picture a future where each step is more confident and every day is brighter, all thanks to a furry friend like me.

Don’t just dream of winning; be the reason for someone’s winning smile. Please, buy a ticket today and join our journey towards a more inclusive and independent world.

With puppy love and gratitude,

Sadie 🐕‍🦺 (Your Personal Pawsome Hero)

P.S. Every ticket brings us closer to helping more humans. Let’s make tails wag across Australia!

Remember, every ticket is a step towards a brighter future. Let’s walk this path together! 🐾