Ollie and Sadie

How your support helps

Seeing Eye Dogs - Vision Australia
Partnering remarkable dogs with blind or low vision Australians for brighter futures.

Every ticket sold in the Lucky Puppy Lottery helps to supports the care and training of Seeing Eye Dogs pups. They make a big difference for people who are blind or living with low vision. Your support helps to provide:

  • MOBILITY | Our world-class Seeing Eye Dogs enable our clients to go where they want, when they want.
  • COMPANIONSHIP | Our Seeing Eye Dogs provide a unique companionship and bond with our clients.
  • INDEPENDENCE | Our Seeing Eye Dogs enable our clients to live their lives independently.


How a Seeing Eye Dog can impact a person’s life

Sadie has changed Ollie’s life

Ollie was just 14 years old when he was matched with Seeing Eye Dog Sadie. His mother, Melissa, says the match changed his life forever.

“Everyday Sadie walks confidently along as if she is thinking this is what I have been trained for and I am going to do the best job I can do. They are a match made in heaven.”

Melissa says Ollie’s mobility and quality of life has improved massively since he started working with Sadie.

Ollie is currently taking the steps necessary to pursue his dream career as a sports physiotherapist. His passion for which stems from his passion for all things sports. With Sadie’s assistance, Ollie has no doubt he’ll be able to achieve this.

“Sadie helps me get to my classes and maintain my independence. When I’m qualified I know she’ll be able to get me to my clients. Without her help this would be considerably more difficult.”

Cheryl and her golden girl

Cheryl and Sherry

“I have been blind since I was seven years old as a result of an accident – and I can’t imagine my life without a Seeing Eye Dog!

Having a Seeing Eye Dog gives me a sense of freedom. I don’t have to rely on anyone else. Sherry gives me my independence back and means I can do things myself. 

I spent 25 years transcribing books and other printed material into braille for people who are blind or have low vision, but now I’m retired, I’m enjoying a busy life out and about in the community. 

With Sherry by my side, I have the confidence to be active in my local community: from attending Probus Club meetings and book clubs to joining in with my walking group. 

As well as helping me to get out and about talking to people, Sherry is also a dear companion. I am so grateful!” 

Max and Fawn’s incredible bond

Max and SD Fawn

Seeing Eye Dog Fawn is the loyal companion of Max, who is legally blind and has only three percent vision. Max is a busy father of two who also runs Drome Dairy: an ethical camel farm in the Perth Hills.

Fawn was trained to adapt to changes and the environment around her with absolute ease. Day after day, she’s by Max’s side around the farm: scanning for hazards, dealing with camels, wildlife, visitors, machinery and all sorts of conditions.

And then in town, she helps Max navigate the busy streets and multiple shops. He says she’s an expert at Bunnings!

“Whether we’re in downtown Perth navigating the city, or out on the farm trying to find something in a far paddock, Fawn simply adapts,” Max says. 

“She just does her job – guiding me around obstacles and stopping at the kerb, and it doesn’t matter where it is.”